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Why physical education is important

Why physical education is important
Why physical education is important 

Why Physical Education is Just as Important as Schoolwork

Now many parents are trying to free their children from physical education. Meanwhile, physical education at school is needed so that children have the opportunity to take a break from mental stress by doing physical exercises. Teachers noticed that children after physical education at school get in a good mood and are ready for new intellectual achievements. 

Physical education at school - what is it?

Not everyone after graduation will have to remember integrals or chemical formulas at least once, while a regular, well-designed program of physical activity helps a person stay healthy and work productively for many years. The lifestyle of modern children is sedentary, most often they spend their leisure time passively, and instead of sports equipment, they are accompanied by gadgets.

But it is the regular physical activity of children and adolescents that determines their physical development, and not the last place in this is physical education at school. In order to draw the attention of schoolchildren to this subject, it is important to bring its teaching to a new level that meets the needs of modern children and adolescents.

The main importance of physical education is the development of motor activity and various physical qualities in children, teaching schoolchildren the basics of a healthy lifestyle, as well as introducing students to independent sports and physical exercises. This is especially true when many children lead a sedentary lifestyle, giving preference not to walks in the fresh air, but to computer games. In addition, playing sports or at least constantly attending physical education lessons have a positive effect on the formation of such important values ​​for modern society as the desire to achieve success, the desire to win, the ability to resist not only one’s rivals, but also one’s own weaknesses. 

It is not difficult to guess that a specialist who not only did not play sports, but also skipped physical education classes at school, will not be able to meet the requirements put forward by the profession. Therefore, by allowing their child to once again skip physical education, parents to some extent do him a disservice, which in the future may prevent him from achieving career success.

Why is physical education important?

For normal physical development, a growing organism needs to move a lot and in a variety of ways, preferably in fresh air. This provides active blood circulation, a sufficient supply of oxygen to all organs, which creates the best conditions for the harmonious development of all body systems.

With the beginning of school life, the natural motor activity characteristic of children is sharply limited. Instead of outdoor games in the fresh air, they have to sit for a long time first at the lessons in stuffy classrooms, and then at home, doing homework. Compensate for the damage from a long stay in a static position helps active movements in the breaks between classes and on weekends.

However, modern realities are such that most children remain sedentary even in their free time, preferring passive leisure activities. The reason for the mass character of this phenomenon, first of all, is insufficient parental control. Unfortunately, not all parents understand how much the physical development of children and adolescents depends on regular motor load.

Many parents prefer to see their child at home at the computer than to worry about his safety, leaving to play in the yard. Not everyone has the ability and desire to take the guys to sports sections. A big problem is also the malnutrition of children, leading to obesity. Overweight students are usually inactive. This even more ruins their lag in physical development. This proves the importance of physical education

It is in childhood and adolescence that health is laid for life. Therefore, it is so important to pay maximum attention to the physical development of schoolchildren. For this, the teaching of physical education must be brought to a new level, which will meet the needs of today’s time.

Why do students have problems with physical activity?

Today, the problem of low physical activity of children and adolescents is extremely acute. At the same time, parents increasingly began to wonder whether their child should go to physical education classes. Let’s figure benefits of physical ed out:

  • change of activities during the day. From the moment of entering school, the child has less time and opportunities to be mobile: long walks and active games that were in kindergarten are replaced by sitting at a desk and doing homework in the evenings. And the older the child becomes, the less actively he behaves during the breaks.
  • leisure change. Unfortunately, most modern children in their free time choose all kinds of gadgets, and not walk in the yard, in the fresh air. Often, parents do not have the opportunity or time to take their child to the sports section. Thus, all physical activity of children is replaced by passive leisure.
  • weight problems. The problem of overweight and childhood obesity is very common and extremely dangerous for health. Parents can no longer constantly control what, for example, a child can have a snack after school. After all, as a rule, these are some kind of chips or fast food with sweet soda. If a child eats a lot of unhealthy foods and does not spend the required amount of energy, then this is the shortest path to obesity.

Why does a child need to exercise?

Among the main benefits of physical ed are:

  1. In the first place, of course, is health. Everyone knows that sport improves health and immunity. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to spend half a day in the gym or on the court. You can spend just 30 minutes daily (this also applies to adults, by the way) on moderate physical activity – this will already be a valuable contribution to health. 
  2. Volitional qualities. Sport tempers not only the body, but also the character. Think: a regular physical education lesson will help a child learn to work in a team, and classes in some section will teach willpower and the desire to win. And all this with health benefits!
  3. Psychological release. The modern rhythm of life and a lot of things contribute to the appearance of fatigue and stress. Both in adults and in children. Physical education will allow the child to throw out the accumulated emotions, direct the unspent energy in the right direction. 

Physical exercise is just as important for students as mental exercise and there are a lot of
benefits for physical education. Moreover, it is thanks to sports that children cope with mental stress more easily, and their body develops without any deviations. Of course, physical education classes at school are not enough for a full-fledged physical development. And best of all, if the child will additionally attend some sports section. At the same time, it does not matter at all what kind of sport your child chooses, the main thing is that he moves. Move towards your health and success in life!

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