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Why do you want to be a doctor

Why do you want to be a doctor
Why do you want to be a doctor 

I want to be a doctor!

Interest in the profession of a doctor is traditionally at a high level, and has grown even more recently. However, to become a qualified specialist, you need to undergo serious training. I want to become a doctor! How to fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor?

A doctor is a difficult and responsible profession, which leads to no less difficult and long studies. Being a doctor is a vocation. Therefore, devoting your life to the medical profession is a serious step that must be taken consciously.

Many people, students and schoolchildren think about becoming a doctor. It is a million dollar Dream.

The reasons why many people dream of becoming a doctor are different. Some want to provide medical services to the poor. Others want to provide medical services in low-income and rural areas. Many people want to earn respect, while others simply see it as an excellent economic opportunity and a symbol of success.

The main task of the doctor is to help people to be healthy.

There are many different doctors. So, general practitioners usually treat those diseases that most people suffer from. These are diseases such as flu, colds, sore throats, etc. Other doctors specialize in certain, narrower areas. Cardiologists treat the heart, dermatologists treat the skin, allergologists and immunologists treat allergic reactions and the immune system, etc.

Doctors observe patients, and on the basis of tests and other studies, they carry out treatment.

A doctor should always improve his skills: read new research, improve his qualifications, and keep up with the times.

Despite the fact that the work of a doctor is very difficult, it is simply necessary for society. Doctors use their knowledge and experience to help us all live a happy, healthy life. We describe all reasons and advantages to be a doctor in essays.

Why medicine?

Medicine is a very important part of the life of our entire society. After all, unfortunately, every day a person is in danger associated with a threat to his fate. And most often such cases are associated with a medical issue. Any life is under some kind of protection of people in white coats.

Medicine has been collecting and testing knowledge in practice for many centuries. To date, medicine is divided into several interrelated areas: preventive medicine, which includes hygiene, sanitation, and epidemiology. Clinical medicine is the main activity which is aimed at identifying sick people and their treatment, preventing recurrence of the disease.

Nowadays, medicine gives humanity new ways of treating and preventing diseases that were considered incurable until recently.

However, a doctor is not only a profession, but also a way of life. Doctors always come to the rescue: day and night. They also consider saving people to be hard, painstaking work. Doctors are responsible people, and therefore not only prescribe medicines, but also treat human souls. Only a qualified and attentive specialist can give a person hope for recovery even in the most difficult cases. And we believe the doctors and give them our hopes, and sometimes despair.

A doctor is needed not only for sick people, but also for healthy people. He can always advise the rules of a healthy diet and recommend methods of keeping himself in great shape. Therefore, every person and society as a whole needs a doctor.

The profession of a doctor is considered one of the most humane and noble professions. It is the doctor who takes responsibility for our health, and therefore for human life on the planet.

Why do you want to be a doctor?

Well, if you decided to become a doctor for a noble reason, that’s good. Below are a few reasons that will help you understand why a career in medicine is the right choice and why you should become a doctor. This is suitable for all students who are on the verge of choosing a career. For those who are struggling to find something to do in their professional life. There are reasons of becoming a doctor.

  1. Lack of doctors

What inspired doctors? It is altruism. This is one of the most popular reasons why students choose medicine. About 25% of medical students have such motivation.

Society always lacks doctors, so everyone is looking forward to young people joining the ranks of medical workers.

There are not enough 7 million doctors, nurses and orderlies in the world.

So why are there really not enough doctors? I think because there are a lot of graduates of medical universities on paper, but there is little real work going on. The shortage of doctors and hospitals is a big problem.

Every year medical universities, colleges and high schools graduate thousands of doctors, paramedics, nurses. Where do they go then? After all, almost every medical institution complains about the lack of staff.

  1. Doctors work miracles

The profession of a doctor and a nurse is special: at all times, those who chose to take care of people’s health as their life’s work have been respected and deservedly appreciated. The work of a medic requires special qualities, among which loyalty to duty, empathy, and the inability to stay away from someone else’s pain.

Doctors save not one life, but several lives and their families. Doctors work miracles, because they are responsible for other people’s lives. In times of health crisis, there are only two things that people look at in the hope of life: God and doctors.

A doctor is one of the professions without which humanity would live very badly, one can even say that some people, without receiving proper treatment, would die much faster. And some would not have been born at all, that is, they were not born. Now medicine is a very developed industry, a doctor must constantly improve his skills, develop himself. One important feature of doctors is an individual approach to the patient; only then such a specialist will be useful to society and will fulfill his duty, treat people.

  1. Be happy and give this happiness to others.

The young doctor’s joy and despair are very close. Happiness is from what was entrusted and turned out. Grief when they didn’t give it a try or it doesn’t work out. Experienced doctors rejoice at an accurate diagnosis.

Health is the main wealth, without which a happy and fulfilling life is impossible, so the work of a doctor has always been and remains in demand and respected. A lot depends on their qualifications and professionalism today in preserving people’s health.

It is doctors who give people an invaluable service; they bring happiness to many families and make whole generations healthy!

  1. Pride in your profession

To make family members proud, many schoolchildren want to continue the family dynasty of doctors and therefore choose a medical university.

Once you become a doctor, you will become part of an elite community and feel proud to be a medical professional.

A doctor can devote himself to other people without reservation. He takes responsibility for a person’s life. A doctor is not even a profession, but a certain and decent way of life, the warmth of which warms people’s souls.

Most doctors feel professional pride in the fact that they work in the healthcare system.

A doctor is one of the most necessary, ancient and humane professions. At all times, the noble work of people in white coats deservedly enjoyed special respect and honor in society. On the shoulders of the physician lies a huge responsibility for the patient. To the question “Who should I be?” many students proudly answer: “A doctor!”

  1. Medical experience cannot be compared with anything.

The goal of classical medical education is to form a student’s clinical thinking. A scientific approach to understanding any problem is a valuable acquisition for every student who wants to become a doctor.

An important aspect of the professional training of future doctors is the development of practical skills.

Before becoming doctors, all students of the Faculty of Medicine must work in real conditions with real patients. Thus, even in the process of training, future doctors during practice acquire skills that will definitely be useful to them in their professional activities, learn how to communicate correctly with patients and learn the general order of work in medical institutions. Practice is a great opportunity for future specialists to learn from experience and learn a lot from practicing professionals.

  1. Own vocation

There may be millions of reasons listed here to pursue a career in medicine and become a doctor. However, the most important reason is your own vocation.

A doctor is a vocation in life. The most important thing depends on the professionalism of medical workers – human health, and sometimes his life.

Every child dreams of his future profession in childhood. All this looks in bright and beautiful colors. With age, we understand that we need to decide on a profession and here one of the main choices in a person’s life is put.

There should always be a keen interest in your profession. Everyday science comes up with something new, treatment is being improved, new chemical formulas appear, hence new drugs. It is necessary to attend conferences, read new articles, study new protocols and orders. Only then will it be possible to say that this is a vocation, not a choice.

The path will not be easy, but if you have made the right choice, you will enjoy your work, bring great benefits to society, and save more than one human life. Your work will definitely be appreciated.

  1. The main advantages of the profession:

+ Social significance of the specialty

+ Various areas of training, the possibility of changing specialization at any stage of work

+ High wages in non-state medical institutions, federal centers, highly specialized clinics

+ Continuous development in the profession in close contact with foreign colleagues, participation in international conferences

+ Good career prospects – up to the opening of your own clinic

+ The opportunity to immerse yourself in research activities

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