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Topic about biology

Topic about biology
Topic about biology 

Biology as a science

The diversity of wildlife is so great that modern biology is a complex of biological sciences that differ significantly from one another. In turn, each science has its own methods, goals, objectives and ways of research.

Biology is often called the science of life. Biology is a science, of course, not as precise as mathematics, physics or chemistry. The subject of biology is not only living organisms, but also the interaction of living beings with the environment, their distribution on planet Earth, origin, evolution, and so on.

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In general, the essay is conditionally divided into two types: by keyword, research and analysis of a given topic. A key phrase is a famous quote or postulate, the reinterpretation of which is the topic for writing an essay on biology.

Interesting topics of biology essays

Sometimes creative works are also given in biology. An essay on this subject is reasoning on a statement, an answer to a polemical question, or an essay on a “biological” topic. There are also topics where you need to explain why biology is needed.

Examples: “Take care of your native nature”. “Man and the biosphere: confrontation or cooperation?” The main task is to reveal the meaning of the statement and, if necessary, to prove it.

Almost all essays are based on the same scheme. Their structure includes:

  • Introduction;
  • Problem statement;
  • Author’s position;
  • Evidence and arguments;
  • Conclusion.

The design rules for all essays are almost the same. The volume is also standard: it is recommended to write at least 200 and no more than 500 words. If you don’t want to take the risk and write such a work yourself, you can always ask for help from the Writerben. Professionals work here who can easily and quickly cope with any essay or other type of educational work.

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  • How life developed on Earth
  • Variety of live
  • Bacteria. “Benefit or harm?
  • Mushrooms. “Miracle Healer”
  • Algae, how they pollute the reservoir
  • Leaf-stemmed mosses
  • Angiosperms (flowering) plants
  • How is the formation of immune memory?
  • Protozoa
  • The importance of animals in nature and human life
  • Kingfisher
  • Life without drugs
  • Chlorella
  • Is man the king of nature?

Areas of scientific research in the field of biology

Biologists work on a huge scale. Naturally, there are many areas of research.

Biological sciences can be divided into:

Botany is a science that comprehensively studies plants and the vegetation cover of the Earth.

Zoology is the science of the diversity, structure, vital activity, distribution and relationship of animals with their habitat, their origin and development.

Bacteriology studies the structure and vital activity of bacteria, as well as their role in nature.

Virology studies viruses.

The main object of mycology is fungi, their structure and features of vital activity.

Lichenology is a science that studies lichens.

Each science presented above can also be divided into:

Biochemistry studies the chemical processes that occur in living organisms and provide the basis for their vital activity.

Morphology studies the shape and structure of organisms, as well as the patterns of their development.

Anatomy is a science that studies the internal structure and shape of individual organs, systems and the body as a whole.

Embryology (developmental biology) is the science of embryo development.

The next is Marine biology. This industry is connected with life in the deep seas. Oceanography is an essential part of marine biology.

The last is Botany. This research is also called plant biology. He studies the properties of organisms that need sun and water to survive. Common plant categories include trees, shrubs, and flowers.

Biological topics for secondary school

In biology lessons in middle classes, science touches on many topics in different directions. In your biology essay, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with any of them. Your possibilities are almost limitless!

  • Compare cell reproduction types.
  • Biotechnology: the mechanisms underlying cloning.
  • Ways to solve environmental problems
  • Mushrooms are edible and poisonous
  • Fungi are pests of agricultural plants.
  • Parasitic fungi. Are they of any use?
  • Exotic mushrooms.
  • The earth is our common home
  • Wild shrubs of our region.
  • Why do plants need soil?
  • Home green healers
  • Yeast is also a mushroom?
  • The life form of plants — what is it?
  • Notes of a mushroom hunter.
  • Winter distillation of common lilac
  • Advances in modern genetics in medicine and healthcare
  • Use of mosses

Research topics for students

The world of microbiology is made up of tiny organisms. Researchers are studying microbes and other simple life forms such as bacteria and fungi. Thus, they are aimed at solving environmental as well as medical problems.

  • Structural and functional difference of plant and animal cells.
  • Mitochondria as energy stations of cells. Stages of energy metabolism in various parts of mitochondria.
  • Structure and functions of ribosomes and their role in protein biosynthesis.
  • The nucleus as a control center for the vital activity of the cell, the preservation and transmission of hereditary traits in generations.
  • Cellular theory of the structure of organisms. History and current state.
  • Biological significance of mitosis and meiosis.
  • Asexual reproduction, its diversity and practical use.
  • Sexual reproduction and its biological significance.
  • The relevance of the use of natural food additives in food
  • Biological significance of alternation of generations.


Topics of Human Anatomy and biology

  • Regulation of the cardiovascular system
  • Eyes are the mirror of the soul
  • Blue blood: myth or reality?
  • Hormones of life.
  • Regulation of digestion.
  • Diseases of the endocrine system.
  • Fundamentals of the formation of human immunity.
  • Hypothalamic-pituitary system and its functions

Ecological biological topics for research

Environmental biologists ensure our harmonious coexistence with nature.

  • Problems in the air protection activities of industrial enterprises (by the example of any industry)
  • Analysis of the current state of the problem of conservation of natural ecological systems and natural landscapes
  • What environmental problems are there on the planet? And how can we help to save her?
  • Modern approaches to environmental management in the fishing industry
  • How to reduce my environmental footprint
  • Environmental problems of the Sea of Azov

Marine biology topics for the article

Marine biology research covers all organisms living near or under water.

  • How does luminescence work in marine vertebrae?
  • Is there an evolution now?
  • Causes of high concentrations of mercury in fish.
  • Explore the impact of overfishing in China.
  • Contribution of birds to a stable marine ecosystem.
  • How are corals formed?
  • Whales: How did they evolve?
  • What are the four types of oceanography?


Research topics in the field of plant biology

  •  Carnivorous plants: methods of luring prey.
  • Types of negative feedback in plants.
  • What problems are associated with the definition of kingdoms?
  • Cacti: how do they survive in the desert?
  • Study the biological properties of medicinal herbs.

We hope that our article has given you some useful ideas for your biology work. Good luck with your assignment!

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