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Persuasive essay about

Persuasive essay about
Persuasive essay about 

What is a persuasive essay?

A persuasive essay is a composition that is able to convince the reader of a specific idea. It’s usually an idea that you believe. Your compelling essay can be based on your point of view on any subject. Everyone needs the ability to correctly express their thoughts in an essay.

In this written assignment, the author explains a specific problem and tries to convince the reader of his opinion. The text should sound logical and reasonable. It is necessary to convince readers that your position is correct.

Teachers assign such work as homework. It doesn’t matter what topics you choose. Most importantly, use reliable, up-to-date sources (from scientific articles to surveys).

If you have a topic that you would like to highlight, discuss, defend, then this is for the best. Now only the task is to pick up arguments. Haste will only hinder you. Trying to produce a large five-paragraph essay in 100 minutes is not a good idea. Give yourself time to brainstorm, write and check the written text. Put as much effort as possible into your essay for the period of time that is allotted to you.

In a reasoned essay, the author tries to convince the reader. He or she will demonstrate the correctness or falsity of the topic. The author’s position will be supported by evidence, including statistics or expert opinion. In these narratives, the writer not only expresses his opinion, but also argues for or against something, and also supports this argument with data.

To write a reasoned narration, it is important to research and support what you say in the text.

Choosing compelling essay topics can be a difficult process. Sometimes students can search for topics on the internet. It’s a good choice. We have made a selection of amazing persuasive essay topics for you!

Topics of persuasive essays

When you have understood what this academic assignment implies, proceed to the selection of topics.

Persuasive essay topics for elementary and middle school students

  • Children should receive money for good grades.
  • Students should have fewer homework assignments.
  • Snowy days are great for family holidays.
  • Handwriting is important.
  • We need more holidays.
  • Aliens certainly exist.
  • Children need to pay for additional classes, for example, for sports.
  • School should take place in the evenings.
  • City life is better than country life.
  • We can change the world.
  • Skateboard helmets should be mandatory.
  • We have to feed the poor.
  • Children need to be paid for housework.
  • We have to populate the moon.
  • Dogs make better pets than cats.

Persuasive essay ideas for high school

  • Children should participate in household chores
  • Reasons to continue studying in the summer
  • Ways to change school meals
  • The role of the school newspaper and radio in the life of students
  • Reasons to stay honest in any life situation
  • Electric cars are our future
  • Why is time management crucial for most jobs?
  • Do hobbies help people in their careers?
  • The most significant personal trait is kindness

Persuasive colleges essay topics

  • Distance learning is a new way of learning in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Advertising intended for children should be restricted
  • The reasons why the feminist movement has devalued the nature of motherhood
  • Reasons to hate your last name
  • McDonald’s is the least favorite restaurant
  • Men should not wear skinny jeans
  • Being an expert in games: pros and cons
  • Is it right to allow the use of advertising in schools and other educational institutions?
  • Can tobacco and alcohol companies use advertising to sell their goods?
  • Should advertising include warnings and side effects of the promoted products?
  • Is print advertising outdated?

Persuasive topics about sports

  • Don’t fall victim to stereotypes when it comes to high school athletes
  • The danger of drinking Red Bull and other energy drinks
  • The choice of exercises to strengthen the muscles and the way they are performed according to the circular method
  • The semantic meaning of the concept of “sport”
  • The influence of skiing on the physical development and health of adolescents
  • What characterizes sport as a specific part of society’s culture?
  • Characteristics of endurance as a physical quality
  • Will sports help relieve stress?
  • Should performance-enhancing drugs be allowed in sports?
  • Persuasive themes about music
  • Do sad songs lead to suicide?
  • How does the status of uploaded tracks affect how musicians create an album?
  • Why do musical instruments sound?
  • Meet ballet!
  • What kind of marches are there?
  • Excursion to the world of opera
  • Rock music is better than rap
  • Persuasive animal themes
  • Do animals suffer in zoos and circuses?
  • Having a big dog is better than having a small one
  • Where is it better for pets, on the street or at home?

Best persuasive topics about education

  • How does information technology affect the life of a college student?
  • Distance learning – you can’t give up
  • School and education in the modern information society
  • The importance of the native language in life and in the school system
  • Why do we need to control educational activities?
  • Inclusive education, what is for?
  • School vaccinations are mandatory
  • It’s time to make higher education accessible to all students
  • Is tobacco harmful to people? How to save passive smokers?
  • Persuasive topics about science
  • Are the medicinal properties of marijuana sufficient grounds for its legalization?
  • Does the age correspond to the consumption of alcoholic beverages? Should it be higher or lower?
  • Should nuclear weapons be banned globally?
  • Interesting and good persuasive topics
  • Diet makes people fat.
  • Marriage is to preserve romance after years.
  • The war on terrorism contributes to the growing violation of human rights.
  • Entrance exams for schoolchildren – how to prepare slowly? Or maybe take a vacation for 1 year?
  • By law, all citizens should be required to vote.
  • All forms of state-funded social security should be abolished.
  • Both parents should take equal responsibility for the upbringing of the child.
  • Americans should have more vacations and more weekends.
  • Team sports help to develop a good character.
  • Tobacco products (production and sale) – issue a prohibition law.
  • People have become overly dependent on technology.
  • Censorship is sometimes justified.
  • Confidentiality is not the most important right.
  • There is no chance of a mistake – deprivation of rights for the first violation of drunk drivers.
  • The revival of the art of writing. It all depends on us.
  • The art of writing. How to revive and teach children to write?
  • The Government and military personnel should have the right to strike.
  • Most study abroad programs should be renamed “parties abroad”: it’s a waste of time and money.
  • I want the right to choose. Students themselves want to choose additional educational courses.
  • Do patients have the right to suicide (euthanasia)?
  • Is it appropriate to exhibit works of art depicting naked bodies in museums designed for any audience?
  • Believers are morally more atheists. Does morality depend on religion?
  • Does freedom of speech give people the right to direct evil words at other people or situations?

How to write a persuasive essay?

How to write a persuasive essay? This question arises as soon as you choose a topic for work and you need to start writing.

A convincing essay is aimed at persuading the reader to a certain point of view. However, this type of work affects the audience with the help of emotions.

A convincing essay has 3 components.

It’s introduction. It’s a very first and catchy part of your essay. It is used to attract the reader’s attention, and a thesis or argument that you will explain in the next section.

The second is the main part. The heart of your essay, usually three to five paragraphs. Each paragraph deals with one topic or issue used to confirm your position.

The final part of the essay, where you make the result is the conclusion. Here you will summarize the main provisions of the main part. In persuasive essays, the conclusion is often used as a last appeal to the audience.

Your task is to stand out. Your essay should be original and not about standard topics: “travel”, “parents” and “sports”.

Don’t use long and complicated words.

Be yourself. Choose the examples of topics that you can reveal and that matter to you. Feel free to describe your thoughts, feelings and ideas. You can share your personal experience.

Describe your personal growth. But remember that for each school, the teacher should have different essays, different beliefs.

Think about whether there is any solution that you can offer based on personal experience and knowledge. State the purpose of the article.

Try to collect convincing evidence from reputable sources.

Decide which proofs to add, in logical order. Start with an attention-grabbing hook (rhetorical question, fact, quote, and anecdote). As a result, you will get a convincing conclusion.

The introduction and conclusion are very important in a persuasive essay. Therefore, they should be given special attention. In the introduction, the author poses a problem, and in conclusion expresses his opinion and attitude to this problem.

It is necessary to highlight paragraphs, red lines, establish a logical connection of paragraphs: this is how the integrity of the work is achieved.

The style of a convincing essay can always be recognized. After all, the composition is emotional and they approach it creatively. Experts believe that the proper effect is provided by short, simple, varied intonation sentences.

Choose a firm point of view as your dissertation. The main thesis is your argument, which she formulated in one sentence. In order for the essay to be convincing, your thesis statement should reflect a clear attitude to your topic. Don’t try to write ambiguously or vaguely – you won’t convince anyone.

Start each paragraph with a clear, direct thematic sentence. Think of the first sentence of each paragraph as a small thesis to ensure consistency when developing arguments. Build your perspective step by step so as not to confuse the reader.

Use various persuasion techniques to get into the hearts of your readers. The art of persuasion has been studied for a long time, in ancient times in Greece. Although it takes a lifetime to master this art, if you learn a few techniques and tools, you can become a good writer almost instantly.

Persuasive essay outline

A convincing essay has no particular differences from other types of essays in terms of structure.

Introduction. By “introduction” and “conclusion” we can mean the first and last paragraphs. The first paragraph introduces the reader to the course of the case, and brings him to the problem to which the essay is devoted. There is no need to write a long introduction. Just a few paragraphs are enough, maybe even one.

The main part requires the most attention. Especially when making a plan. Divide this section into 3 paragraphs, since it is standard practice to present 3 arguments in each of the paragraphs. Back up your ideas with facts, statistics and other reliable evidence. The main part may have a different structure:

Thesis-argumentation. In this case, first we fix the thought, and then we prove it.

The inverse structure (facts-conclusion). The author explains the situation and provides several facts, thereby making a conclusion. And so you should do this several times. In conclusion, as a rule, they summarize everything that was said in the essay.

 In conclusion– only what the reader should come to after getting acquainted with the main part of your work.

With these good compelling essay topics and essay writing tips, you will never get stuck without having any idea to discuss. Do not forget to finalize your essay and remove all the shortcomings. The revision will help to eliminate the template language, vivid examples, and grammatical errors.

Read it a few times to make sure you understand what you are being asked to write about. Reading the hint several times, write down the ideas that come to mind. Thoughts come while writing an essay. So don’t worry, you can use the ideas later. Your ability to write on a very specific issue is something that is being evaluated, and it will serve you well in your studies at the university.

Have you no idea? Then write what you are passionate about!

Write about a subject area, an event, or something that is dear to you. When you like what you write about, you will have a deeper connection with the essay, and you will be able to write a thoughtful and competitive essay.

To ensure the quality of your text, you can contact our professional editing team and send them a draft. Our writing service can also write a whole convincing essay for you from scratch. Order with a 24/7 guarantee. Online ordering is a real time saver. Guarantee of high-quality writing and compliance with all requirements. The level of difficulty and the theme are different. We provide a high percentage of uniqueness. Don’t worry about completing your homework. Take time for yourself and your loved ones.

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