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Our team has established itself in the market. Our experts are competent in any academic field and rare disciplines. Authors are constantly expanding their horizons, improving and ready to perform even the most difficult tasks. If you still have doubts, you can contact the author in a secure chat, specify the desired experience of the author in a particular field.

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This most common question interests every client. We treat every order with awe and are interested in the best result. Each author is tested, where he or she shows his / her skills and abilities in the field of essay writing. In addition, we carefully check the documents and certificates of the authors.

Do you have discounts or promotions?

We are responsible for our authors, for their work and the result. In addition, if the author is qualified and experienced, he appreciates his work. You have to pay for professionalism, because good work is well appreciated. Therefore, unfortunately, you should not count on discounts and cheapness. Believe, the amount you pay for our services is worth it.

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By contacting us for help, you may have concerns about what your parents or teachers will find out. We work confidentially, we do not need unnecessary information, such as your name, phone number, name of the educational institution, and so on. For payment we use such cards as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and others.

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Of course, turning to a copywriter for help, students want to get a quality product that is written from scratch. We carefully monitor this process and are responsible to you, as is the author himself. In addition, now there are internal checks and various sites where you can see for yourself the uniqueness of the written essay.

How do I know that the work will be written correctly according to all the requirements?

We employ only qualified specialists who perfectly cope with their task. They carefully study all the nuances and requirements for work. In addition, you always have the opportunity to contact the author and clarify the details, leave your comments and choose the desired paper format / formatting style.

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What is an academic paper and how to write it?

All academic papers are classified into two categories: topic papers and research papers.  To write a research paper, you should select a topic and do research to find data sources.  For topic papers, students mostly use resources provided by either a lecturer or a course supervisor. Both types of academic papers have similar structure and formatting requirements.

Basic tips for writing an excellent academic paper

No matter which type of paper you are assigned to write you must look through the course materials. Those are readings that help you understand the subject of a course. The purpose of an academic paper is to check how well a student comprehended the course material. To write such a paper you should make use of course readings that were given by a lecturer. These materials should be accordingly listed in a reference list. If you do not do it, your supervisors may come to a conclusion that you have not understood the course material properly. Quotes from the course readings are considered an integral part of academic papers.

Academic papers are similar to essays, but they are generally longer and are focused on a more concrete subject or object. It requires more research and analytic skills, rather than writing expertise.

Writing both types of papers you have to make a thesis statement. It is a section where students express key ideas of research. This brief block specifies the argument point of your academic paper. The main purpose of such papers is to make an audience think about the declared problems and issues. Thesis statements have to be debatable and concise.

Basically, the thesis statement section determines a framework for further analysis and disputes. Have in mind that your goal is to convince a third-party reader rather than your professor.  Professors and supervisors in this case have the role of judges. Their goal is to determine how good your academic paper is to convince others that your statements are true.

Another important aspect is that the thesis must be stated in the beginning section of a research paper. Readers should know your point of view when they begin looking through your paper. Therefore, state it upfront and stick to it in the following parts. 

All data sources you use for writing an academic paper should serve as evidence, convincing readers that statements you made are true. It is also recommended to quote statements that contradict your thesis. Further, you have to refute them by providing reliable data sources as evidence of your rightwards. Writing your academic paper, you have to prove that all contradictory theses are either incorrect or incomplete. 

The introduction section must also promote the importance of a problem that a student raises. This part should encourage a reader to see the evidence and to learn more about the writer’s position on this particular problem. An Introduction has to be attractive for readers, but not too abstract. It is also important to write a brief and informative paper title that will clearly display the object of your research. 

The same is relevant for conclusions. It has to tell about certain findings of the concrete topic or the object of a research. This ultimate section should contain conclusions that all people who read this paper could make after familiarizing themselves with the evidence. 

To give credits to those who researched before you, use citations in your academic papers. If your statement is based on the conclusion of other scholars, mention their names and publications in a bibliography or reference section.

Common standards regarding the paper formatting

It would be fair to say that style and formatting are no less important for a positive paper review than its content. If you think that formatting doesn’t matter, you’re totally wrong.  Why on Earth should others care about your paper, if you do not care about it yourself. You should be grateful to those who want to hear your point of view. If you declare your ideas on the wrinkled sheets of paper without numbers, quotes, and proper margins, it declares that you do not treat your own thoughts and opinions seriously. This is equally relevant for documents in electronic format.

Format your paper’s title page in accordance with your supervisor’s requirements. The title of your academic paper must be clear and concrete. Create an accurate Table of Contents, mark pages with numbers. It will make it more convenient for professors to review your paper, thus increasing the chances to receive a better grade. 

Use only neat white paper for your research papers and dissertations. Adjust formatting according to the academic requirements of your university or college. Select one of the professional fonts (Arial or Helvetica), set the proper text size and margins. Make sure your academic paper looks like a proper official document being ready for presentation to respected professors.

If your paper consists of more than twenty pages, it will be a good idea to split it into separate sections with relevant headings. Even if a paper is quite short, it must contain thesis statements and conclusion sections. Remember, that a well-structured academic paper is more likely to win high scores.

A few words about paper writing process planning

It is important to understand that creation of an excellent research paper requires a significant amount of time. It is a bad idea to begin doing research when you have two days before the deadline. Therefore, we recommend creating a work schedule if you decide to write an academic paper on your own. Leave two or three days for research and outline creation. If you have writing experts to cooperate with, send them draft versions of your paper for revision. 

Before submitting to a professor, always proofread your papers. It is crucial to check spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, and other things that may affect your paper’s quality. Writing an excellent academic paper is a task every college student is capable of accomplishing. Although, you should have in mind that it takes time and effort.

A solution for people that can not write academic papers on their own

Today there are many students from different countries that do not write most of their academic assignments. Some of them work hard at their job, while others spend most of their free time looking at kids and doing house chores. But how do they solve academic problems? Fortunately, a majority of them do not have any problems at all.

In the modern market, there are many companies that provide academic writing services. They employ experienced experts in various disciplines that write high-quality academic papers, theses, coursework, dissertations, and essays. These specialists use up-to-date proofreading and anti-plagiarism checking tools in their everyday work. It allows such agencies to offer professional writing services to customers around the globe at relatively affordable costs.  

How to choose an online academic writing service? 

Several aspects should be taken into account when selecting a professional agency. First, it is strongly recommended to look through the clients’ reviews. You can find them on a company’s official website or by using Google search tools. Reviews let us know what other customers think of a particular service or an agency. We also recommend examining the work samples published on the company website.

Another important aspect is to have an opportunity to look through writers’ profiles. A majority of clients want to know more about an expert’s skills, education, specialization, certificates, diplomas, etc. Services that provide such information can be considered trustworthy.

Big writing agencies have a large staff with experts that specialize in various disciplines and paper types. Not all writers can write academic papers as excellent as essays or theses. We recommend comparing prices for paper writing at different websites. Although, it is important to have in mind that the cheap option may lack quality. Certain agencies provide extra professional services, such as editing, proofreading, formatting, consulting, etc. The key features of a professional academic writer are experience and expertise. Text document formatting and proofreading skills will be a good bonus for a specialist in getting a well-paid job at a prestigious company.

Writerben – a real helper for thousands of students

Writerben is an agency that provides top-quality academic writing services. We hire only skilled and experienced specialists that are experts in different areas. We write academic papers on the following disciplines:

  • Economics
  • Legal science
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Medical science
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Environment protection
  • Management and marketing

All our authors and editors have relevant certificates and diplomas proving that they are real experts with a career background. Academic papers that we deliver pass through proofreading and plagiarism checking. We try to make all our customers satisfied, therefore our writers take into account all their comments and demands. We do our best to provide top-quality writing services that will make students that cooperate with us happy and delighted.
Paying for a paper is a good option when you have little time to write it.

This is how Writerben professional writing service works

The qualified team of Writerben service strives for top-quality operation in all aspects. Our web platform has a user-friendly convenient interface that allows carefully studying the writers’ personal pages and placing an order within a couple of minutes. Having chosen an expert to work with, our client proceeds to fill in the order form, where he/she indicates the academic paper type, deadlines, requirements to styling and formatting, as well as other order information in detail. The more details you provide, the more likely you will get what you want at once. 

Nevertheless, if a customer is unsatisfied with the paper quality we either completely refund the paid amount or provide an unlimited number of free revisions. We do not want to let our clients down anyhow. In addition to writing, Writerben provides editing and formatting services. 

Having specified all requested information a user places an order by clicking the “Write a paper for me” button. The next step is about depositing the payment amount to a client’s personal account. Be sure that neither a service administration nor a writer you chose to work with can use funds before the order is completed. We receive a payment only after you accept the end product. Do not waste time and money, with Writerben you pay for papers written!

Cooperation with our company secures the following benefits:

  • Top-notch quality of academic papers
  • Writers specialize in over 20 disciplines
  • Proofread and 100% unique texts
  • Formatting according to the relevant standards
  • Experienced and competent experts
  • User-friendly site interface
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Affordable prices 
  • No hidden fees
  • Privacy and confidentiality

Personal data security

As professional service providers, we realize that today lots of people are worried about a possible unauthorized access to their personal information. We guarantee the safety of your personal data since our website is protected by encryption algorithms that make it impossible for someone else to access any personal or financial information. 

We gather customers’ personal information solely for improving our service provision quality. Writerben is fully responsible for any data that you provide us with. You can be sure that third-party organizations and individuals will not receive your name, phone, or card number from us.

An academic paper that will win an excellent score for you

Do you keep struggling with writing a paper on a complicated topic? Are you unable to catch up with a schedule? Does the current workload make you feel stressed? Do not worry, we have an effective solution for your circumstances. 

Place an order at Writerben’s website and within two or three days you will receive a high-quality perfectly formatted academic paper on the specified topic. Best experts in a certain discipline will work hard to write a paper for you in the shortest term. 

We are sure that you have enough experience and skills to write a good academic paper. But if you have a lot of assignments to complete within a tight term, we will be glad to help you with academic paper writing.

Writerben’s customer support service works 24/7. Feel free to ask questions and request any relevant information when it is convenient for you. Our service also offers academic writing expert consultation, so that you can improve your own writing skills and gain experience. What if I pay someone to write my papers? Well, it is a good idea. And Writerben is here to help you.

Why do people buy academic papers from Writerben?

There are several features that make our service stand out among other agencies. Here are the key ones:

  • A team of world-class experienced specialists
  • Strict following of deadlines
  • No need to pay in advance
  • Data security guarantees
  • Unlimited amount of revisions for free

Have an academic paper to submit by the end of the business week? Do not waste precious time, fill in an order form on our website and receive a high-quality term paper within two days! Our global mission is to secure the academic success of all our clients. We created thousands of academic papers on different topics for a lot of students around the world, so we know how to help you in a complicated situation. Paid paper writing can be the only effective solution in tough circumstances.

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