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Ideas on demonstration speeches

Ideas on demonstration speeches
Ideas on demonstration speeches 

What is a demonstration speech?

The purpose of demonstration performances is to teach the audience to do something specific. They can be long and detailed or short and simple. Even if you are an expert in this field, the process of writing a speech may seem difficult. Information speech includes speeches, the purpose of which is, first of all, to communicate new information, to present new knowledge, to broaden the horizons of listeners.

Usually, such a speech is assigned to high school and college students as a speech writing assignment. This is quite an interesting task. In addition, it is an informative speech for listeners, as they learn about the way to use a particular subject. Informational speech is implemented in a number of genres, in particular in the genre of a report, popular science lecture, message, program speech, self-presentation, in various kinds of consultations.

To write a good demo speech, it is important to choose a topic that is not too broad and too limited. If you have a lot of information and little time, do not go into details. If you have a lot of time on a simple topic, you can supplement the presentation with some related stories or facts.

Before you start writing yourself, you need to prepare and think about what exactly you would like to achieve with your speech. You have to decide what kind of performance you are going to have. Perhaps it will be a simple informational presentation. Or maybe your presentation is aimed at emotional perception.

No less important when writing a speech is the audience. You should clearly understand whether your audience knows something about the topic of the speech, what they expect, what fears arise in front of them.

You also have to decide for yourself what you expect from the audience after your speech. Choose 1-3 basic things that you would like to convey to them and act.

Remember that the speech should not be neutral and boring; otherwise the audience will simply lose interest.

Do you have enough knowledge to write a speech? If yes, then great! If not, make sure the information is available. If you can’t find reliable sources, you may have to choose another topic.

So, there is a topic. Now you need to analyze who will listen to you. The choice of words, examples, jokes, accents, as well as phrases that help build trust between the speaker and the audience depends on this.

Use interesting visual aids. Visual aids are a very important part of demonstrative speech. If you use various visual aids, speech is guaranteed to hold the attention of the audience.

It is best to use pictures, photos and flashcards. If you go from color cards to black and white cards of different sizes and vice versa, this will maintain the interest of the audience throughout the speech.

In addition, it is also important to demonstrate visual aids, because during many performances, the audience pays more attention to visual images than to the speech itself.

Good ideas for demonstration speech

The demonstration speech can be large or small; it all depends on the chosen topic.

A good topic will help you attract the reader’s attention and make him listen to you. Always keep your target audience in mind when choosing a topic for your demonstrative speech.

Make sure that the topic you have chosen is unique, interesting and it is easy to find relevant information with it.

You can speak about any topic, about everything in the world, as long as this topic is close to the speaker and interesting to the audience.

Come up with a bright title, thanks to which the audience will be interested in the topic from the first seconds.

Start the report with a wise quote or statement of a famous personality to add attractiveness and a special style to the presentation. However, all wise words should relate exclusively to the topic of the report.

Show an illustration or a small presentation. This approach will add understanding, and listeners will surely remember the report only on the positive side. When showing slides, you need to remember that one illustration should have one thought, packed into two, and maximum three sentences. Large font looks better on slides, and there should be enough animation effects.

Add a short video to the report that will cause an emotional reaction. Plus, this way the essence of the topic is transmitted faster.

Don’t spend too much time on the performance. It is best to try to keep within 20 minutes.

Don’t stretch your words and don’t speak too fast. Imagine that you are telling an interesting story to the audience.

Here are some ideas on the topic of demonstration speech for you. Choose the one that you find interesting, compose a good speech and impress the audience.


Examples of demonstration speech. Ideas

* Rules of behavior at the table.

* Explore the black box on the plane.

* Choose jewelry for an evening dress.

* How to choose delicious French champagne.

* How to make an effective speech.

* How to bake the best donuts.

* How wolves changed riverbeds.

  • How drinking water is made from air.

* How to avoid conflicts in the family.

* How to wean a wife (husband) not to command.

  • How to criticize correctly

Funny demo speech ideas

* How not to forget to turn off the iron every time after use.

* How Billboards kill mosquitoes.

* How to relax in class at the last desk.

* How to get the best grade for homework while relaxing at home.

  • How to drink wine properly?


Ideas of demonstration performances for college

  • How to learn to speak well

* Ways to survive a lecture on the topic you hate the most.

* How to prepare for the exam overnight.

* Clown: what to do and what not to do?

  • How do students develop in taking selfies?
  • How to study someone’s personality
  • What is the historical evolution of ice cream production?

* Going to the circus, what is possible and what is not?

  • How to find friends
  • How can you choose a major for college admission?

* Success rates of high school graduates and college graduates.

  • How does higher education affect the business world?

Ideas of demonstration performances for high school

* How to prevent injuries while cycling.

* How to blow glass.

* How to keep your emotions under control.

  • How to become an interesting conversationalist
  • How to deal with a bad mood
  • What steps to take to quit a bad habit?
  • How to get along with parents
  • How to make sure that the water is safe to drink
  • How to see an animal in the wild
  • How to choose a good camping spot
  • How to cross the river safely
  • How to protect yourself from meeting wild animals in the forest
  • How to walk safely on ice
  • How to find out which way the wind is blowing
  • How to recognize poisonous plants or insects
  • How to survive in the wild without an emergency kit
  • How to prepare a survival kit


Simple demonstration speech ideas

* Make paper carnations creatively.

* How to make a presentation using PowerPoint.

  • How to learn to divide equally feed the dog, horse and cat
  • How to properly carry a dog or cat

* How to calm a frightened dog, cat.

* How to give medicines to a dog or cat.

  • How to become a good actress
  • How to become a famous movie hero
  • How to write a screenplay
  • How to make honey
  • How to train your brain
  • How to dry your hair
  • How the Japanese greet
  • How to use Cruise control
  • How to create a family tree
  • How to become a police officer

Demonstration of speech ideas with food

* How to choose the perfect cake for a wedding.

  • What are some basics of wine tasting?
  • How to cook barbecue meat perfectly?
  • How to become a vegetarian
  • How to make chocolate ice cream
  • How to soften meat
  • How to stuff a turkey/chicken
  • How to cook African dishes

* Various ways to track macros and count calories per day.


Demonstrative speech ideas for sports

* How to hold a baseball bat.

* Important steps for good bowling.

  • How to perform yoga pose correctly
  • How to perform Tai chi
  • How to plan a vegetarian meal

* How to include vegetables and fruits in your diet

Unique ideas of demonstration speech

* How to decorate a backyard with a limited budget.

* How to make homemade soap.

* How to create a character with digital animation.

* How to recognize an archaeological scam.

* How to make a pie.

* How to tie a tie.

* How to fix a flat tire.

* How to create a mask for Halloween.

* How to play the piano.


To make your speech more convincing and attention-grabbing, try making a brief presentation about powerpoint for a better demonstration. Such visual aids make your content more convincing.

Demonstration speech from the first to the last word is the product of a deliberate plan. Otherwise, it will be neither interesting nor clear. Both can be achieved if it is built taking into account the interests of the listener.

The speech should be convincing and interesting for the audience. Writing a good demo speech can be a daunting task.

Do you have a huge amount of work and absolutely no time to prepare a speech? Don’t know how to bring the necessary information to the audience? Or maybe the muse of inspiration went on vacation?

We are ready to take all your torments on ourselves. Speechwriting is our specialty. We’re writing. And we do it well.

There are no templates in our work, each performance is a separate world created especially for you. We take into account all your wishes, individual characteristics and requirements. You will show your listeners confidence from the first sentence and cause an emotional outburst with your performance. We are able to combine the incompatible: original, but simple, unique, but understandable and accessible to everyone. We will help you become a brilliant speaker, attract and hold the attention of the audience, and achieve the effect that you need!

At Writerben, we provide you with the best writing services, including college essays, persuasive speech, demonstrative speech writing. We strive to assist students in every possible way.

That is why we provide high-quality services at the best prices. We suggest professional writing of texts for public speaking, or preparation of a text for oral utterance. In such a text, it is important to clearly convey the speaker’s position, take into account the characteristics of the audience, and also calculate the time during which the speech will be delivered.

We offer a much clearer solution that we think will suit you perfectly. So, before ordering the text of a public speech, you contact us and describe in the completed terms of reference the audience you will have to speak to.

Plus, minimally describe your vision of the text, and it will be just wonderful if you specify some introductory theses and facts that are definitely worth mentioning.

For our part, we promise to determine the size of the speech text for the speech (if it has not yet been determined) and offer you.

The copywriters on this page will help you compose a speech, a text for a speech. Contact us directly or open a project to find a performer. 

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