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Help for research paper

Help for research paper
Help for research paper 

Research Paper Writing Help

Some students, as well as applicants for a scientific degree, will have to face not only the writing of a master’s thesis, but also the task of research. But how to write this research paper at the university, no one really knows. It’s time to share this valuable information with you. If you need help writing a paper, read on.

What is research work

Research work is a work of a scientific nature associated with scientific research, research, experiments in order to expand existing and obtain new knowledge, test scientific hypotheses, establish patterns, scientific generalizations and justifications.

Research work is independent, and often joint with the supervisor, studying the student, revealing his knowledge and ability to apply it to solve specific practical problems. The work should be logically complete and demonstrate the ability of the student to clearly express his thoughts, argue proposals and use terminology correctly. Of course, this work is much easier than the work of real scientists. But in terms of structure, methods used, planning system, this is a real study.

Research work is not an abstract and not an article of one of the specialists downloaded from the Internet. This is an opportunity to conduct independent research and apply a scientific approach to obtain a result, apply practical skills or acquire new ones to solve the tasks, demonstrate the skills of planning your work and analyzing the results.

The knowledge gained in the course of the study, obtained by one’s own work, is remembered much better. The method, when a student and a teacher pose questions that were put by the discoverers of laws in various sciences, and jointly search for answers, attracts students more and forms a desire to continue to engage in scientific activities.

Research tasks

According to the Federal State Educational Standard, research work is an obligatory part of the preparation of a graduate. As a result of this work, the student must show the ability to plan his activities, take the initiative, adhere to the research question posed, analyze the progress of his work and evaluate the results obtained, apply specialized terminology, and reflect the results of his (individual) research.

Choice of direction of research and choice of research topic

The work on the research begins with the desire to deal with this issue. It is necessary to understand what the research will be about, to realize your strengths as a researcher in the chosen direction, whether it will be useful in future activities. A good research topic is one that is of interest to you and your supervisor. Formulate the topic correctly. The topic should be correct, narrow, clear.

For students in educational institutions of general education, a successful educational research can be considered the repetition of someone else’s experiment, the analysis of a certain methodology, the application of the method in new conditions, the comparison of the methods of various specialists, etc., together with a deep analysis of the literature on the chosen topic.

For students in educational institutions of secondary vocational education and higher education, an important factor is the novelty of the study, its relevance.

Title page of the research paper

The first page of an individual research work is the title page, which indicates the topic of the work, its author(s) and supervisor, as well as the educational institution in which the research or research work was written. There are strict rules for the design of the title page of research work at school.

The title page must contain the following information:

  • full name of the educational organization in which the work was performed;
  • the title of the work, which defines the scope of the study; the title should be short and exactly match the content of the study;
  • surname, name, patronymic of the student;
  • Class;
  • surname, initials, scientific degrees and titles of the head of the research work;
  • year and city – at the bottom of the page, in the center.

Next, a table of contents is compiled, which is an indication of the main elements of the research work: introduction, chapters, paragraphs, conclusion, list of references, applications.

Opposite all headings in the table of contents of the research paper, page numbers are placed from which sections begin. Headings in the table of contents of the research paper should exactly repeat the headings in the text. You can not shorten the headings, reformulate them and change the sequence.

The headings of the chapters of the educational research work should follow the logic of the research. Artistic and interrogative forms of sentences are not suitable as headings for chapters and paragraphs of schoolchildren’s research papers. The table of contents is placed at the beginning of the work before the main part to immediately show the structure of the research work.

Formulation of a hypothesis

Formulate a scientific assumption that requires verification and theoretical justification or confirmation. The key research hypothesis should follow from the formulation of the research topic. Request help with research papers to save time and effort. 

Planning stages of work

Make a detailed and structured plan of your work for a consistent movement towards the goal of the study. This will help organize your work and make it more purposeful. In addition, it disciplines and makes you work in a certain rhythm.

Research work introduction

The introduction contains all the main provisions of the research work in a concise form and is included in the structure.

The introduction should include:

  • The relevance of research;
  • research problem;
  • the wording of the topic;
  • the purpose of the research work;
  • object, subject of research;
  • tasks, hypothesis;
  • research methods;
  • practical significance and novelty;
  • a brief analysis of the studied literature.

The topic of research work at school should be original, with an element of surprise, imply the possibility of writing a research paper relatively quickly, but at the same time retain its unusualness and interest.

The relevance of the research work is the reasons why this particular problem needs to be studied at the present time.

The purpose of the research work is formulated based on what result is expected to be obtained in the course of the study. Usually the goal is to study certain phenomena.

The objectives of the research work show what the author of the work is going to do to achieve the goal. The formulation of tasks is closely related to the structure of the student’s research work. Unlike the goal, which is one, there can be several tasks.

A hypothesis of research work is a scientific assumption put forward to explain any factors, features, characteristics, some probable knowledge, but not yet proven. Initially, the hypothesis is neither a statement nor a refutation – it is simply not proven.

Within the framework of the introduction, the object and subject of the research work and the student’s project should also be formulated, the research methods used to achieve the goal of the research work, the theoretical significance of the work, expressed by a description of how the results of the research can be applied in human life and society, and practical the value of the results, indicating the possibility of their use (where, when and by whom).

The novelty of a research work is determined, for example, by the absence of similar studies, the novelty of the topic, the methodological solution, the originality of setting goals, objectives and hypotheses.

A literary review of a research work is a brief description of what is known about the phenomenon under study, in which direction other authors are researching. The literature review needs to show that you are familiar with the area of ​​research from several sources and that you have set a new task that is different from other studies.

The main part of the research work of students

According to the structure, the main part of the research work can consist of 2-3 chapters. Chapter 1 usually contains the results of the analysis of theoretical material obtained from the literature on the problem under study, here the methods and techniques of the study are considered in detail.

Chapters 2-3 describe the practical stages of work, interpret theoretical data, and identify certain patterns in the phenomena studied during the experiment. According to the structure, the chapter of individual research work ends with conclusions. Each element of the main part of the study is a semantic fragment of the work.

The main part of the work, represented by the chapters, contains:

  • a review of the literature on the topic and the choice of research direction;
  • description of sources of information;
  • presentation of the general concept and basic research methods;
  • the content of theoretical and / or experimental research;
  • analysis and generalization of research results.

The first chapter of the main part is a theoretical section, which implies a brief systematic presentation and creative understanding of the history of the development of the issue, disclosure of the concept and essence of the phenomenon under study, clarification of the wording, consideration of existing methodological approaches to the analysis of the issue of this study.

The literature review in the theoretical part of the research work begins with a presentation of the ideas of those authors who have made a significant contribution to the development of the problem. A comparative analysis of different points of view of the authors on the topic under study is also carried out. A literary review of the theoretical section should be presented in the form of a statement of one’s impressions of the studied material, appropriately supplemented with quotations from authoritative sources.

At the end of the section, a description of the state of the problem is given and debatable issues are highlighted, from which the relevance of the study is determined.

The text of the theoretical chapter in the research work must meet the requirements:

  • reliability and completeness of information;
  • the presence of the author’s assessment of the information used;
  • the consistency of the structure;
  • clarity, clarity of presentation;
  • compositional integrity;
  • argumentation of conclusions.

The first part of the practical section of the research work contains a description of research methods and algorithms for solving the tasks set in the work, as well as a description of the organization and content of the study: characteristics of the subjects, specific methods, research procedures, criteria for evaluating the results of the study.

In the second part of the practical research, the author’s own research is presented with the identification of the new that he introduced into the development of the problem. The author needs to give his own assessment of achieving the goal and solving the tasks set, assessing the reliability of the results obtained, comparing them with similar studies by domestic and foreign authors, justifying the need for additional research, and so on.

When writing an individual research paper and taking into account the generally accepted structure, the student must indicate the authors and sources from which he borrows materials. Quotations must be enclosed in quotation marks. Free presentation of the borrowed text is allowed only with reference to the source of the borrowing.

At the end of each chapter, brief descriptive conclusions should be given to clearly articulate the results of each stage of the study. The content of the chapters of the main part should fully correspond to the topic and fully disclose it. These chapters should show the student’s ability to briefly, logically and reasonably present the material.

Collection of data about the subject of research

Determine how you will receive data. There are two methods – empirical and research on secondary sources. Empirical – obtaining data through observations and experiments. Research on secondary sources is a speculative conclusion, a review and an in-depth analysis of the literature.

Conducting research

Proceed to conduct research in accordance with the chosen research method. At this stage of the work, the necessary empirical data are collected to test the hypothesis put forward.

Evaluation of the results

Completion of research work. You have gained knowledge about how the object of study works, what it is, how it differs from something else, what has not been further explored, what kind of continuation can be.

The main criterion for the effectiveness of the work done for students in educational institutions of general education is the level of mastering the skills of research activities. For students in educational institutions of secondary vocational education and higher education, such a criterion is scientific novelty and practical significance.

Writing the text of the work

To write the text, you can use the laws of artistic creativity from Mark Twain’s article “The Literary Sins of Fenimore Cooper”:

“The author must:

  1. to say what he wants to say, not limited to vague hints,
  2. find the right word, not his second cousin,
  3. not to allow unnecessary accumulation of facts,
  4. do not omit important details,
  5. avoid lengths,
  6. do not make grammatical errors,
  7. write in simple and understandable language.

Conclusion of the research work

The conclusion is a brief statement of the results of the work, answering the questions of the tasks. The text of the conclusion should not contain a detailed description of the results obtained or their content, these are abstracts of the work done.

A key requirement for writing a conclusion is that it should not repeat the text of the conclusions for each chapter. In conclusion, the most general conclusions based on the results of the study are formulated and recommendations are offered. It is necessary to note the degree of achievement of the goal, the results of testing the conditions of the hypothesis, and outline the prospects for further research.

The structure of the research work also includes conclusions to the chapters, which should contain the new and significant that constitutes the scientific and practical results of the study.

List of used literature

After the conclusion, a list of references is placed – this is a list of information sources on the basis of which the work was done (cited, mentioned in the text, used in the research process, but not reflected in the main text of the work). The list is in alphabetical order. Bibliographic references in the student’s research work are used when citing, borrowing and mentioning a particular document.

Types of bibliographic references:

  • according to the composition of the elements, the link can be full or short;
  • according to the location, intra-text, subscript, extra-text links are distinguished;
  • when repeating references to the same object, primary and secondary references are distinguished;
  • if there are several reference objects, they are combined into one complex reference.

Research work applications

In the application of the research work of students, all the materials collected as a result of the conducted research are placed, during the processing of which a sufficient amount of diagrams, tables, figures and other auxiliary and additional materials were obtained that clutter up the text of the main part. The material placed in the appendix should be referenced in the main text of the student’s research work.

Defense of the work and text of the speech

Research papers are defended at thematic conferences. Usually, 10 minutes are allotted for a speech, so you need to say your speech with a clock in your hands. But it is recommended to speak out loud, and not to yourself. This helps to structure the text and understand what is not said in the speech.

The text of the speech should not go into details. In 10 minutes you will never be able to tell any details. It is necessary to state the main results. Everything you say should be explained, but you should not touch on things that everyone already knows. Be prepared to answer questions from the expert jury and other conference participants.

How can our service help you in your research work?

The help for research paper is full of services offering to buy a finished research paper. We offer a radically different approach. Each work is written from scratch, with emphasis on the use of unique sources, which makes the scientific work original in almost 95-100%. Our research paper helper can get involved in the work both at the start and after.

What type of research paper can be ordered?

Any research work aims to immerse the student in the study of one particular topic, during which he:

  • chooses a field of knowledge;
  • studies materials;
  • conducts research;
  • analyzes the received data;
  • draws up the work;
  • prepares a report and publicly presents it.

Usually, a research paper to order is a report, abstract, test, or project.

Our executors, when they help with research papers, take into account the specialization of the student, his approximate level of knowledge, as well as the requirements of both the university and the teacher of the academic discipline. All this is done to ensure that the online research paper help is carried out as competently as possible and no one has any suspicions that the student did not do it himself.

When do you need to urgently write a research paper?

Students do not always start writing student assignments in advance. It happens that there are too many student debts, and there is no time and energy left for everything. If the deadlines are burning, do not despair and order scientific papers from our authors as soon as possible. When placing an order on our exchange, indicate the category “urgent” – a maximum of 24 hours is given to carry out research on an order with such a mark.

The customer can indicate not only the date, but also the exact time when the work should be ready. In this case, the student needs to be constantly in touch in order to quickly check and supplement, if necessary, the finished scientific paper. Write to us “I need help writing a research paper” if you want to order a paper.

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