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Essay about the global warming

Essay about the global warming
Essay about the global warming 

Essay on global warming

Global warming is a phenomenon that we cannot ignore. What is global warming? What is the cause of it? We will answer all these questions in an essay on a given topic.

Is global warming a myth or a reality?

We live in a world where we often have to talk about ecology. What does it represent? This science studies the relationship between the living on Earth and the surrounding nature. But in the age of technological progress, when more favorable and easier living conditions are created for humanity, the environment is deteriorating.

Environmental problems are global in nature, and all mankind is interested in solving them. Environmental problems affect not one country or two, but the entire planet Earth. The environmental problems are as follows. Firstly, the level of pollution of the atmosphere and the environment has reached enormous proportions. Secondly, the volume of natural resources reserves is rapidly declining. And thirdly, there is a threat that resources will run out altogether.

One of the environmental problems is global warming. There is an increase in temperature due to human impact on the environment. Global warming is the most serious climate problem today.

So is myth or reality?!

Some scientists call global warming a myth, since the climate on the planet has already changed. Most living organisms managed to adapt to the new conditions. An example of this is the advance and retreat of glaciers.

But still, it’s worth listening to scientists. Global warming is indicated by melting ice and extreme weather events. In hot weather, people and animals want to cool off, but because of the drought, they often feel uncomfortable.

Of course, the climate on the planet is changing. And it is changing rapidly. The number of forecasts of climate change in the future is huge. We are getting closer to the fact that climate change is inevitable. But what will it lead to? People’s health is under threat, agriculture too, as there is a possibility of flooding of coastal cities. In the future, mankind will face weather-related disasters. We are talking about the destruction of vital ecosystems, such as forests, sources of fresh water or its contamination with salt water. There are many environmental problems, and one of them is climate change. Climate change threatens peace and security. It can cause economic and social upheaval.

What causes global warming?

The climate of our planet is constantly changing, and this global environmental problem is becoming more and more threatening for humanity. The warming processes have been confirmed by numerous scientific studies, but scientists are still arguing about whether to wait for the “apocalypse”. Some believe that climate change is a natural process that you don’t need to be afraid of. But, according to most scientists, warming is the cause of melting glaciers and rising ocean levels, as well as summer droughts, powerful hurricanes, and floods.

The main factor of climate change today is human activity. Over the past century, we have been actively burning fossil fuels for our needs: oil, coal and natural gas. If we talk about specific areas-pollutants, then these are: energy, industry and transport. Due to the combustion of fuel, tons of gas are released into the atmosphere, of which there are too many in our atmosphere. This leads to the so-called “greenhouse effect”, because of which the temperature on the whole planet is rising.

Another important reason is deforestation. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, which has always made it possible to regulate its concentration in the atmosphere.

Agriculture also contributes to atmospheric pollution. Animals that are used for meat production emit large amounts of methane during digestion. And the use of fertilizers increases the concentration of nitrogen oxide in the atmosphere.

How to prevent global warming?

Global warming can be stopped, but it will be very expensive. It is not enough just to reduce the amount of emissions into the atmosphere — they need to be stopped. To do this, it will be necessary to completely abandon the burning of fossil fuels, and revise the principles of land use and agriculture.

This means that the global economy needs to be transferred to fundamentally new working mechanisms. So far, the heads of state are not ready to take such measures. The reasons are obvious. Firstly, the transformations will affect the quality of life of citizens. And secondly, it is too expensive, even if all the countries of the world unite.

On the other hand, the cost of solar panels and wind generators is gradually decreasing, and many states are gradually switching to renewable energy.

To prevent global warming, it is necessary to organize the construction of new nuclear power plants. They use atomic energy, not organic fuel, to generate electricity.

It is necessary to introduce innovative technologies aimed at cleaning the atmosphere from greenhouse gas.

And it is also worth paying attention to the use of water, wind, and solar energy instead of burning fossil fuels.

Well, the most important thing is to do the restoration of forests.

What is global warming essay on ecology?

Today, almost any human activity has a direct or indirect impact on the natural environment. Therefore, a competitive graduate must have environmental literacy.

There is a benefit of studying ecology at school. We live in a world where sometimes there is not enough balance and where people do not live in harmony with nature. This can ruin the whole of humanity, which is why it is necessary to do something. The first thing to do is to change people’s attitude to nature and to the outside world, in general. Ecology as a science studies the interrelationships in nature. It’s about the connections between ecosystems. Currently, ecology is more studied as part of the study of biology, but it would not hurt to study this science as a separate subject. The modern world needs protection and knowledge can provide such protection. Someone by knowledge and someone by ignorance adversely affects nature.

The relevance of environmental education is determined by the global environmental challenges facing humanity and countries. It should be continuous, starting from preschool age and continuing throughout life. Ecological knowledge is necessary for every person to realize the consequences of their actions for nature. It is necessary to understand how to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Environmental education and enlightenment should include not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills. For example, let’s try to write global warming in essay on ecology.

In general, let’s start with what an essay is. An essay is a work of small volume that requires strict adherence to the topic and a given structure. The essay reflects the subjective point of view of the author, his thoughts and feelings about a particular topic.

Essays on ecology are much more difficult, because there are very narrow topics. For many students, such a task as an essay on ecology is terrifying. For most, this is a difficult task.

A clear topic is the key to successfully passing the essay.

The topic of global warming attracts attention, because it concerns each of us. But are you ready to spend time studying it?

Look for similar online materials, research and statistics.

Stick to the essay structure: title page, contents. The content includes: introduction, main part, conclusion and list of references.

The introduction reveals the relevance, sets the goal and objectives, the object and subject of the study.

The main part consists of several sections that outline the essence of the essay. In conclusion, the main conclusions about the work done are formulated.

The essay is written on the basis of carefully studied literary sources.

What should I write in the essay about the global warming?

For successful work in the field of copywriting, it is important not only to know the basic rules of work and trends, but also to constantly improve your skill. Good grades for school essays are definitely not an indicator here. And literacy is far from the only truth in the texts. By the way, you don’t have to be an expert on all texts. You can choose for yourself a narrow niche in which you plan to grow as a specialist. On the website of the Writerben, you can contact such specialists.

If you order an essay writing service about global warming, our author will focus on the pressing issues. The problems that this topic raises, and will also demonstrate various writing methods. Your essay on global warming can be written in three main genres of composition: argumentation, problem solving and presentation. Our professional editors can combine these types of essays into one, which will allow you to cover the topic in detail.

The writer will choose a specific topic within the framework of global warming to dwell on it in detail, so as not to go beyond words, trying to cover too much. Global warming is a vast topic that can be viewed from different perspectives. For example, you can choose one of the following directions:

  • Global warming and effects
  • Global warming: the mechanism of action
  • What caused global warming?
  • And there are many others.
  • After setting the idea, you can proceed to the formulation of the thesis in the essay.
  • The authors will be able to combine all the ideas in one extended sentence.

No matter how you formulate the topic, global warming is an urgent problem, and it should not leave the reader indifferent. Thus, the thesis statement should cause feedback and be perceived as a challenge.

The conclusion should be written in such a way as to remain in the reader’s memory and make the audience think about the problem of global warming after reading the essay.

To do this, let’s go back to the statement of the thesis. Repetition is known to have a powerful effect.

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