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Abstract of an essay

Abstract of an essay
Abstract of an essay 

What is an essay abstract?

The first thing the reader sees when opening a book is a small abstract to it. This is a short but succinct content of a work of art, magazine or scientific article. The abstract is often found in scientific literature, as well as in almost any textbook and book. A brief description is also used for term papers, abstracts, dissertations and any artistic publications. To learn how to make an annotation correctly, it is necessary to study several examples of annotations to articles, as well as adhere to the plan and recommendations.

As a student, you should definitely write essays, reports, and articles in the course of your academic writing. Such writing usually contains abstract essay examples.

The most common independent work of students is an abstract of an essay. If you do not know how to compose an abstract in stages and correctly, you can seek advice from a teacher or professional Writerben.

What is an essay abstract? It is a short summary that appears at the beginning of your essay. It summarizes your goals, methods, results, and conclusions. The abstract is displayed on a separate page, after the title page and acknowledgements, but before the table of contents.

Examples of abstract essays correspond to the standard format and inform readers about the main points of the article or essay. The main purpose of the examples of essay abstracts is to inform readers about the arguments that you want to give in your report or essay, and what underlies your conclusions.

Basically it contains important information that you want your readers to remember about the essay.

The abstract sets out the main idea and problems of the abstract, lists the questions of the main part, but does not disclose their content. A concise description of the work should correctly emphasize its features and advantages.

It is small in number of pages, but at the same time it contains the main provisions of the issue in a compressed, concentrated form.

How to write an abstract for essay

As soon as the essay is completed:

* It is necessary to comprehensively disclose the abstract topic and the tasks solved in the process of research. You should summarize the results of the work. Describe the practical use of the results, while specifying the areas of application of the data obtained.

  • If you need a good text for an annotation, then we recommend saying it in a few sentences. What is the topic and purpose of writing the abstract? What did you come to in the course of the research, how and what conclusions can be drawn based on all of them written? After formulating your thoughts out loud, the task will be substantially abolished.

* Reread the essay and find any key sentences that support your thesis statement.

* Take information from key sentences and your highlights and combine them into a summary. This summary may begin with a statement of the thesis, the main arguments in the essay and a conclusion based on the information received.

  • As soon as you write a draft, go back and edit your abstract by volume and content.

* Any repetitive phrases should be excluded, as well as minor details.

* The abstract should not contain any information that will not be found in the essay.

* Writing the main part requires special attention. Here it is necessary to adhere to the general requirements for the preparation of the abstract. It is necessary to reveal the topic and tasks of the abstract essay that the author solved in the course of the work; to summarize; to describe the practical application of the results of the work and indicate the areas in which the data obtained can be used.

The length of your essay is usually set by your teacher at the same time as the essay assignment. Usually about 100-150 words are allowed, although this limit can be increased to 250 for an extended essay.

Examples of an essay abstract

For the correct writing of the essay abstract, you can consider several examples that will help you compile it according to state standards. In order to compose a high-quality text, you should not immediately begin to formulate thoughts. It is better to start by saying the contents of the annotation in a few phrases or sentences. What will be the theme? What is the section written for, and what conclusions were drawn? After these points are determined, you can do a summary of your abstract taking into account these proposals.

These examples show how the essay summary will look like:

Abstract: “The use of dosed cold in the treatment and prevention of internal diseases.”

Based on the literature data, the paper considers the effect of cold on the human body, methods of protection and adaptation to low temperatures. Parallels with the world of animals and plants are drawn. Based on analogies with natural mechanisms, the relevance of using low and ultra-low temperatures for the prevention and treatment of various diseases, the benefits of cryosauna, cryomassage, cryolipolysis has been proven. The author’s conclusions can be useful in the development of innovative treatment protocols and the construction of health improvement schemes for a wide contingent of the population.

Summary: “Types of memory in humans”

The paper considers classifications of types of human memory and methods of their research. Theoretical models of memory in psychology have been studied.

The work consists of two paragraphs: “Methods of memory research in science” and “The influence of memory on psychology”.

Keywords: human memory, psychology of memory, classification of memory, mental functions.

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